String of Pearls – Maldives

No words or pictures could ever do justice to what one has to experience when visiting the Maldives. Although some might argue that it’s the same sand, same sun and the same beach – there is no other possible substitute for the beauty and serenity of this place. This is a picture taken at the Crown Resorts at the North Male Atoll.

One word of caution though – visiting Maldives will spoil everything else on earth 😉 The waters are crystal clear with an astonishing clarity for several meters.

When you reach the airport you will be transported to your resort by either a boat or a sea plane. The view is breath-taking! The Ocean is gorgeous and the endless expanse looks like a painting where the painter has played with different shades of blue.

It’s a total bliss to be lost in the middle of the ocean – clear air, absolutely zero pollution and overwhelming desire to just stay calm and listen to the ocean, breathe the air, savor the amazing sea food & wake up to sting rays that have come close to the shore.

It’s an excellent place for snorkeling although the reef is slightly bleached. The aquatic fauna is brilliant, the reef sharks and the black tipped sharks do make a regular appearance. The sea turtles are a treat to the eyes and so are the various schools of different species of fish. The spot where the reef ends and the view drops to the endless abyss is mesmerizing and the feeling can’t be emulated no matter what.

It’s definitely a place of relaxation. A wonderful week spent in this paradise is the best bet to pamper your soul.


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