Elegance Personified

Smart, Strong, Affectionate, Forgiving, Pillar of strength and one who radiates warmth. We all have women around us we deeply care about. It could be a friend, lover, a mother, sister or a social worker. When a woman has a beautiful heart, she can’t hide her beauty and its visible.

The beauty amplifies when the person is unaware of it, an elegant woman walking going about her chores, or a lady reading a book unaware of her striking radiance. Like a friend once said, “A gorgeous woman who is unaware of her beauty is profoundly beautiful than one who tries to flaunt it with an air of arrogance and conviction.”

Every woman who is close to our heart is worthy to be treated like a queen and I’m pretty sure few dames take this title way too seriously and come across as Drama-Queens 😉 Well, despite the criticism women don’t fail to influence the member of the opposite gender to follow suit. Yeah we’ve all heard about macho men pulling the stunt of being convincing drama queens 🙂

Whats this hype all about one asks, and the joke is that every day except Women’s day is a Men’s Day! 🙂

So Gentlemen put on your best smile and elevate the happiness of the women close your heart, by doing a simple act of kindness or any simple gesture to accentuate her worth. An honest compliment, could set the tone for the rest of the day.

A company once offered to give a small note to all the women at the gate when they arrived at work. And not a single woman went in without a smile on her face! There were euphoric conversations in the lobby and at the breakout areas!

It doesn’t have to be a fancy bouquet of flowers or an expensive gift neither a lunch/dinner date. I witnessed a colleague paying the flyover toll for a woman who was standing in line behind him! She was ecstatic and appreciated the kind gesture.

I am pretty sure we could all think of various little deeds to bring out the best accentuating curve on the women – her smile!


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