Beauty of Trekking 

It feels good to be lost in the right direction!

Going on a trek is great form of exercise, a wonderful way to break the routine of everyday life, and THE best way to meet wonderful people.

On my 20th birthday I went for my first national trek in the Himalayas. Back then, my fitness regime was good, I would do some cardio at least and I had good stamina, but I dint actually do a rigorous boot camp training for what was to come ahead. I treated it like another touristy venture. Oooooops – that was my first bitter lesson about the prominent difference between being a tourist vs being a hiker.

The base camp for the National Himalayan trek was in Himachal, the air is fresh, you can hear the river gushing through the rocks, the place is calm, cool and serene.

One amazing aspect of going on the treks is that you meet amazing like-minded people. There is an aura of positivity, you live with the bare minimum, learn to share dry fruits, biscuits, offer water to a panting team member & help spontaneously. On your treks, you are bound to make friends for life for you see each other in the most unedited way, without make-up, in your sweatshirts, track pants, crying out in pain, panting & cursing – this is the true version of you without any pretense. 🙂


The Cool Mumbaikars!

We had an amazing time during the Sar Pass Trek and this was a candid click – we saw a tree trunk, all of us tried to fit in the frame & we have a picture to cherish. Nostalgic recollection of the day’s events, even after all this time is inevitable.


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6 thoughts on “Beauty of Trekking ”

    1. Thank you for your kind words Indah 😊
      I’m glad you liked it! Cheers! I loved your article abt the wind in your town & your walk with you dog 😊😊😊 That’s one of the best forms of love, I love dogs too!


  1. Wow!..Kudos to u gal!..Wat better gift can anyone gift oneself on a birthday..The gift of Freedom,Nature,Self love and unpretentious attitude..Must say you stepped into your twenties with so much of grace

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