Emerald Dew Drop – Sri Lanka

My sister and I wanted to go on an exclusive sibling adventure. KK a close friend helped us select Sri Lanka, his personal choice as he loves the Buddha, and for the positive review Sri Lanka flaunts itself with.


A famous Buddhist abode, flanked by skyscrapers in Downtown Colombo.

The visa is pretty easy with an online ETA costing USD 10. There is an option to obtain it for USD 15 on arrival, but it would be wise to get an online ETA before you travel, its hassle free, simple and easy.

Sri Lanka is popular among tourists for a reason, its refreshing, welcoming, pristine, clean and it has a huge aura of positivity. We were there for Christmas & Sri Lanka boasts of displaying some of the worlds best cribs. The christmas decor all over the town of Colombo was like the biggest party i had attended, it could literally be Santa’s backyard. The weather was pleasant with moisture laden ocean breeze, the tuk-tuks are a very convenient mode of transport.

IMG_6864Colorful Efficient Tuk-tuks for easy commute.

At first we were pretty edgy about visiting a new country, the fear of the unknown and apprehension about the safety aspect. But as soon as we set foot outside the immigration all our fears were set aside and it was time to bask in the glory Sri Lanka had to offer us. And we were very pleased by what we saw at Colombo. We stayed at the Nippon, stones throw from the famous Galle Face. We spent two days sight-seeing and settling in a new place. Early the next morning we took a fancy looking red train from Colombo to Hikkadwa, the best part was the view from the train, as the tracks were along the seashore all the way! 😀


View from the train 🙂

Hikkadwa is a laid back, relaxed town famous for surfing. The waters are a shade of turquoise blue with a tinge of green, the granules are pretty coarse and you can see the beautiful harmony as the waves scoop the grains from the sea bed while forming beautiful waves. We made this our base camp and travelled to Galle by the local bus.


View from the resort we stayed at in Hikkadwa.

Galle  is a dutch town, an alien could land at Galle and move around the town effortlessly, it’s so well planned that there is no need to be apprehensive about it being a new city. Since we were travelling by ourselves we were on the lookout for surprises but the city is calm, laid back, and full of people who would help you. The most prominent spot is the Galle Fort. We walked all along the fort, the view of the ocean was soothing yet it reminded me about the wrath of nature’s fury during the 2004 Tsunami, incidentally we were at the memorial on Dec 26, 2012. The stories the locals narrated was hair-raising, real, yet unbelievable.


At the Galle fort.

We next did a cross-country from Matara at the southern most tip of the island to the central province, by far our favourite place – Kandy! Personal preference is to a place with low temperatures as I love the weather when its pleasant and Kandy satisfied my wishes on various different levels. It was cool due to the topography, the central province is elevated and is several hundred feet above sea level, it’s a city surrounded by dense, lucious forests of the central province. No amount of information about the surreal beauty of this place does justice of being there in person. We had a memorable exploration at the National Park, Botanical Gardens, the tea factory, the spice gardens, table top mountain and we also bought some precious stones – emeralds and topaz for some fine jewellery.

IMG_7419View at Kandy

We missed the famous Kandian dance, but we are soon going back for more! This time we have Nuwara Eliya on our bucket list – rumored to be the England of Sri Lanka!


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