A Washed up Boat.

When I landed at the Island resort at Maldives, I took off to see the stunning beauty of the Ocean flanked by the immaculate white sand on the beach. Not any beach – a beach with sand that looked like powdered diamonds. Very soon I reached the Jetty, all lit up at dusk and this boat was in my line of sight. It looked beautiful and strong, yet it had an air about it telling me how it survived the oceans wrath. It was a beautiful piece of art, shaped to perfection and built to sail the massive, endless Ocean.

A bartender at the Kanuni bar told me how this boat was washed up ashore and the inhabitants of the island decided to restore it and in turn the boat would add some spice to the shoreline and the beach. It was a fantastic idea – as this sight looked so stunning on the white sand beach in the middle of nowhere.

Everyone passing this boat would smile, pose along side for pictures. I am sure these pictures would make a beautiful topic of conversations back home.

Did this innocent boat know that it would bring smiles to so many people? Did this boat give up hope in the middle of a storm? Did this boat  finally yield after being strong for far too long? Did this boat have a captain, a crew?

When being washed up ashore, the boat must have felt apprehensive about the change. All its life it sailed the ocean but now there was no more water.

Here it is – providing strength, hope, and a convinced notion that the days to come would only get better. If only this washed up boat could narrate its version.


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