Camping in the Himalayas

One of the major attractions of going on treks is, to grab the opportunity to camp in tents. It’s a different feeling altogether. All our lives we are protected and shielded from the sun, the rain and the nasty cold. And here you are, wanting to leave that exact comfort behind, and try to survive with the bare minimum.

It really does call for a lot of mental conditioning, to move out of your comfort zone and camp in tents for weeks on end. When I ask few friends if they would like to go on a trek with me, the immediate response after they hear about the logistics of the camp, is “Hmmm , maybe another time!” 🙂

Some others improvise on their response and say “Nam we are quite comfortable where we are, why don’t you get us few pictures of the camp site on your way back?”  I totally understand the apprehension, but all it takes is, to give it a shot once. Just once!

While at the Himalayan Treks, I have seen quite a few beautiful scenic campsites. All the campsites are at a very prominent location, with a great view. This makes sense, because after you reach the campsite you finally relax and enjoy the scenary around. What a disaster if the campsite was in a cave, a pit, or if it was facing a wall of a rock!

The campsite in the picture above is Bhandak Thatch. It enjoys the reputation of being called the Switzerland of the Himalayas. I am glad to have stayed at this camp site twice! It’s a beautiful expanse of lush green pasture & my team mates are busy choosing their team for a game of cricket!


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