Flowery Onset of Summer

At the onset of summer, I get slightly paranoid because of the heat. And yet I wait for it every year, as Bangalore witnesses some of the most beautiful floral marvels of nature. Whoever planted the sapling of these beautiful flowering trees decades ago did a fantastic job. Little did they know, they were gifting our generation these beautiful flowers.

Tacoma argentea – also called as the Golden Bell Flower is a delight to a Bangalorean. Huge trees form a natural canopy on many roads, sunlight hardly filtering through, making the entire road look lush with greenery, flanked with bunches of Golden Bell Flowers.

The color of these flowers is a deep, radiant yellow. Everyday a new floret takes birth, and the whole tree sheds the leaves to make room for the flowers. At the end of February the show begins!

Among all the metropolitan cities, Bangalore enjoys a luxurious climate. The winters are pleasant, the summers not too bad. The green canopy does provide immense relief in many residential areas in Bangalore. There are trees that are several decades old, they spread over the residential areas providing shade, a relaxed, scenic feel & housing several birds.

The Golden Bells adorn my Balcony!

I often wake up to the sound of birds, open my windows and doors to this Golden Bloom, weather pleasant enough for light cotton wear and a warm cup of coffee. This is the view from my balcony and I wonder if my day could get better than this, and I hear the most melodious voice ever, my 3 year old neighbor chirping, “Nam, look boootiful yellow flowers, look a bird – wooooow!” 🙂

And I have all I need. An innocent toddlers unconditional love, Golden blooms, carefree birds chirping, coffee in my hands, gratitude in my heart – with the conviction that ‘All is well in my life’.


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