Petronas @ Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia came across as a very organised country, the roads impeccable, there was order in the system and I guess it’s a lot to do with how the citizens conduct themselves. The subway stations are calm, quite, and the office rush hour is an epitome of tranquil and peace. The kiosks at the Subway stations make the commute for first timers very pleasant and the transition is seamless. The airport transfer is one of the best I’ve seen so far, its fast, efficient and the officials are very warm and congenial to the inquiry. An employee of KLIA, went to the extent to write down a detailed plan for me to reach the city 🙂

photo (1)

The KLIA – Airport transfer ticket to the city.

I interchanged the subways at Sentral and reached KLCC at the Petronas. As soon as you get off the subway exit, on your left you will see the magnificient towering structure of the twin towers. Its gorgeous and exquisite. It’s a beauty all the way from the floor to the entire expanse of the building. The logistics at the Petronas is impeccable and its worth seeing the towers, after all it did enjoy the reputation of being the tallest building until recently. IMG_0298

View of the city of KL from the Petronas Towers.

I had breakfast at the cafeteria with the office crowd. They had authentic Malaysian cuisine and I absolutely loved it. We had a tour of the towers and the lift to the 86th floor reached in record time. The view is splendid, the bridge connecting the towers does sway if the wind force is quite strong as it is suspended. IMG_0311

The swaying bridge 🙂 Connecting the twin towers.

The staff at the Petronas are a bunch of very happy people. It does say a lot about the company I guess. At the desk the person issuing the ticket for the tour of the towers was very warm and she wished me ‘Happy Diwali’ that was so thoughtful of her, and a small gesture like that remains in your memory for days to come. IMG_0315

A courteous, happy employee is the biggest asset to a company 🙂

From high above the towers you can see small little tents, I later realised that that it was a Massive Mall. One of the largest shopping complex I’ve been to! Efficiency at its best as the power is sourced from the Solar panels. Even the solar panels are a visual delight as they are artistically arranged! At the mall, I bought my favorite fleece jacket from Uniqlo 🙂 IMG_0299

The Solar Powered Mall at KLCC.

The view and the experience is worth the effort and time. It a building with a keen sense of taste and would be a delight to an architect and a lover of fine art. Way back in 2002 I had dreamt of being there and here I was having a splendid time at one of the tallest, beautiful, marvelous building in the world.


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5 thoughts on “Petronas @ Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Well we skipped petronas sky bridge amd went to KL Tower instead and sad thing was the sky bridge in langhavi is closed for some renovation and maintainance for (what I heard) 5 years.
    Still my first internation visit was awesome!

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    1. Hey Harini,
      Glad that you read what i wrote, i feel honored to hear this appreciation from you. Thank you for taking time out to pen down this beautiful message. It surely made my day! 🙂 We should catch up sometime!


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