Le Morne 

One of the most fabulous aeriel views while approaching the enchanting island of Mauritus, is the sight of Le Morne. As soon as I heard the announcement, that we approaching the coast of the African continent I ran to find a seat by the window and a very kind Blue eyed Mauritian let me sit by the window to savour the first glimpse of this continent. 

I saw a vast expanse of the Blue ocean below, the color was a deep rich blue. At the horizon I could see the color fade a little to turquoise and that’s when I saw this gigantic rock jutting out of the ocean. Beyond this rock I saw the island country of Mauritus. 

Le Morne is a Basaltic monolith rising to a whooping 1824 mts above sea level. The summit covers an area of about 30 acres. This is a Basaltic rock formed by the rapid cooling of Molten Lava. 

Volcanic islands are a treat to the eyes, you can see various formations across the island country of Mauritius. Beautiful Monlith such as Le Morne, can only stretch your imagination as to how it ended up being the way it is right now. 

The view of Le Morne at the extreme South Western tip of Mauritius is a natural wonder, has a historical significance, treat to a geologist, mountain of fantasy to a botanist as two rare plants are found on Le Morne, and enjoys the grandeur of being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Due to the coral reef and the lagoon surrounding Le Morne, the terrain looks like the perfect illusion of a under-water waterfall…..! This is just a optical illusion 🙂 The various shades of blue and the reef make it look this way. 


The view of Le Morne, from Sugar Beach.  

There are a bunch of privately held luxury villas on Le Morne overlooking the bay! What a delight it must be to be living there! While swimming at the Sugar beach – the view of Le Morne is fantastic. You could take a canoe and wade around Le Morne. A visit to Mauritius, a dream destination where the swimming or canoeing around Le Morne is definitely the icing on the cake. 


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