Cinnamon Rolls 

I was invited to a house party on August 18th, 2011 on the event of my friends Birthday. I was pretty excited about the venue, the backyard at my friends place was very pleasant with a hand crafted picnic table, well manicured garden with an antique Lambretta adorning the lawn. 

Little did I know that my fiends dad was the master chef for the day! I had heard that he baked bread but I dint know he also baked some mouth watering delicacies. All my doubts or questions were put to rest when I saw that the ham pizza was baked in the kitchen!  

I could not resist but enquire about the faint but persistant aroma of cinnamon, it was quite fragrant. Before I could ask about what was in the magical oven, a fresh batch of Cinnamon Rolls were exhibited and we all grabbed one each. 

Apparently my friends dad has a very keen interest in baking and eventually wanted to bake professionally. He learnt most of the art of baking in Germany and had years of practice in this area. He was super excited to fly from the other end of the world to celebrate the birthday of his son. 

The rolls were hot, just out of the oven, the bread crisp and well done. The aroma of the cinnamon infused in the dough, and the castor sugar sprinkled on top was just the right amount giving the entree a glazed appearance. Well, honestly I dint pick just one! 😉

It was a birthday to remember, this picture makes me nostalgic,  like it happened yesterday. I hope to savor these beautifully rolled cinnamon buns in the near future. It was perfect to nibble on the Cinnamon rolls, with a glass of white wine. 

Salude! 😍


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