M2 Lifeline of MRU

The national motorway of MRU is one of the most famous stretch for its endless drives, pristine quality  & for connecting the south west – Mahebourg to Grand Baie, all the way up in the North of the country. It is a lifeline for commuters, people rushing to the airport and tourists savouring the visual delights Mauritus has to offer along the Motorway.

  Clear blue skies, perfect backdrop for the floating clouds. Taken on M2

I loved what the tourism department has done all along Mauritius, they have given it some serious thought and it’s one of the best marketing strategies I’ve seen. Subtle but effective. Huge bigger than life billboards talk about the African Fauna, and the connectivity this island country has with the rest of the world. I really appreciated the fact that they displayed an innocent looking sign that says – Connecting Africa to the rest of the world, this would never go unnoticed because the pictures grab the attention of any onlooker.


You could zoom at 110km/hr speed, and this is the legal speed limit 🙂 It was my first experience to drive on roads as lovely as these. The view is great too. The skies are a deep blue, the contrast is sharp, and the foliage an exuberant green. All in all this is a view that you will notice while at this island country.

I love the way the roads are maintained, and the stringent road rules is definitely a necessity. The motorways look like they were inaugurated the day before, pristine black with prominent road dividers, you could be driving on your own just after setting foot here for the very first time.

Government of Mauritius really knows how to treat its citizens and pamper its guests 😉 Was a pleasure driving on your roads MRU!!!!


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