What does a Sabbatical do to a person? It makes that person stronger and helps in great introspection.

Years go by, while working to build a career. Before you realize, decades would have passed by. And there finally comes a time when you realize that you definitely do need a breather. Some people look at a sabbatical in an adventurous way and the others who cannot imagine taking one – look at the ones on a sabbatical with contempt and a lot of apprehension.

Honestly, how many can actually dare to take a Sabbatical? Not many, for the fear of the unknown is definitely overwhelming. It’s not easy to be without a job for a long time & try to remain positive. You have bills to pay, groceries to buy, errands to run, fuel up your car/bike & search for a job as well.

I am on a sabbatical right now, and believe me – it’s a luxury few people can relish but it comes with its own share of dogmas and challenges! It helps you immensely with introspection and helps you reflect upon the choices you have made in your life. This precious break gives you a breather and helps calm you down and you have a lot of time to fix things on the inside and the outside.

There could be several things you always wanted to do – but stringent working hours took almost all of your time. Now while on a sabbatical you can pursue all of it. I choose Travel, sewing pretty little dresses and learning a new language.

As the months pass by – you definitely need to stay motivated, especially during a job search. You might feel like sinking in the deep abyss, but you got to pull yourself together and tell yourself that this is not the end. It’s a passing phase and its only temporary. One note on a sabbatical made me laugh – it said, “It’s not a season, do not sleep it off! Dont hibernate” 🙂


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