Power of the Past

I have often read that, you should not hold on to the past. Let it go – its done and dusted. But can we really do that? It takes super human effort to be immune to the ghost of the past, let alone ignore it.

Its only natural that we keep playing the past in our minds like our favorite song on constant repeat. Although there could be some aspects that we don’t like or instances that were so poisonous that it makes you choke even after decades – you cant help but recollect it with crystal clarity. This recollection makes one bitter, humiliated and makes one wonder as to how it could have been avoided.

Personally, some violations in the past bring back very painful memories, most of them are memories where I was ill treated. We all have instances that have hurt us immensely, we can’t let go of it because it caused so much damage, and immense pain.

To heal they say we need closure. We need to make peace with the past as this can ruin our present. Our world would be a much better place if we could let go. If we had no scores to settle, if there was mutual respect for each other and if we forgave just as much as we need to be forgiven.

Why would anyone bring up instances that happened 20 years ago? It’s because there was no closure and maybe the offender is still hurling harm your way.

In the end it always comes down to the hay that broke the camels back.


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