Christmas in Colombo

The reviews about a place are going to stay just as data points, until you visit it. Now when you land there, it’s a totally different equation, you might warm up to it, like it, love it or just be madly obsessed by the place.

When i first heard of Sri Lanka – i had no expectations whatsoever. I dint know if id like it, i dint even imagine what it would be like. I guess I was more apprehensive of the first day of arrival – the usual jitters about the logistics and how to reach Downtown from the airport.

When I reached Colombo on Christmas Eve – the ride from the airport to the center of Downtown itself was like a small debut to what was awaiting for me at Colombo. On the way there were immaculately arranged cribs all along the path and at the junctions of small walk ways. It was really dreamy, and it was a different approach to what i see in my country. Here I saw cribs decorated so well and only then did i learn that Sri Lanka is actually very famous for its cribs. I felt awesome to be a part of this luxurious festive mode. It was indeed beautiful.


Every roundabout was lit up & all the streets were alight with festive decorations. It was like being given a VIP pass to Santa’s private party! The weather was at a comfortable temperature, pleasant with cool gentle breeze blowing from the Ocean. We were on the beach side restaurant for the evening fiesta and everybody around us was in a happy festive mood. A young bunch of people dressed impeccably, were taking turns to take pictures with the exuberant lights in the background. It was splendid.

It was indeed a Christmas to remember, I really do hope to visit Colombo again during the Christmas week.


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