The Rewards of my Dreams.

When I talk about dreams, I refer to the yearnings of my heart during my waking hours. 🙂

I must confess, that these dreamy-hours account to a humongous astronomical figure! Yet, I am not guilty of admitting it – for it paid off a thousand folds!

A Dream is a wish your heart makes.

Each one of us is unique, starting from the rungs on our Deoxy-Ribose-Nuclic Acid – famously known as the DNA. I am pretty sure that all of us do yearn for things that are unique and have a deep personal meaning to it. I have some wishes that are trivial and some exhuberant ones. Whats important is to DREAM!

I always would tell my baby sister Sali, that my dreams always came true. I might have to wait for years on end – when my dream takes form, I never fail to remember the instance I first fantasized about it. I really do wish that all who are reading this can relate to what I am saying, because if you truly wish for something close to your heart, it will definitely materialize – it’s just a matter of time.

I have had small little yearnings in my heart and some of them have come true, and when it happens I feel ecstatic. I am so glad that I have hope in the Universe. The wise say that you have to be very careful of your self talk, for it is indeed a conversation with the universe. Who knows, our subconsious could register every bit of our though and steer our life that particular way. Now, we got to make that self talk, one hell of a good script! 🙂

When I was a small girl, I would go to the terrace and innocently wish that one fine day, I could be over the clouds & when I visited the pristine untouched heavenly abode of Meghalaya, I instantly remembered my simple dream as a child – for the clouds were floating on the slope of the valley below me. Meghalaya literally translates to ‘The land of the Clouds’.

That was the instant of affirmation from the universe that every single dream would eventually materialize. Again, I saw the Pictures of a famous trek route way back in 2006, I silently wished in my heart that I wish i was there – not knowing that the same trek was a train ride away when I was in Xi’an China. When I finally reached Mt Huashan, it all came back in vivid flashes, the intense yearning that I wanted to visit this place & there I was! Voila!

To me these are signs from the universe, to assure me that all that I yearn for will materialize! Faith! Hope! Love!

What you seek, is seeking you.


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