A word of appreciation!

Appreciation can make a day, or even change a life! Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.

A simple note of appreciation or an honest complement is sure to make a person’s day! A rather bleak day, could suddenly transform into a radiant one! Thats the power a simple heartfelt appreciation has in it.  I always appreciate the one who takes the effort to complement another person, because this one compliment is all a person might get that day.

I guess deep down we do have the need to be accepted by people around us. Although we might try to be in denial about this, we surely want others to at least  acknowledge us for the things we strive hard for, for our field of passion, for our work of art or even for the work we do professionally.

On several occasions I have felt very encouraged on being appreciated for my photography. I felt that my work of art has been appreciated. Some specific feedbacks also help me immensely to do it better. If I have been given a more refined perspective on the subject, I would work hard on improving it and then check again if that was commendable.

In the same way, I guess we all can do our own bit by being a little generous with our praise for others. We may think that it’s not really necessary to say it, but you never know – it could be a total game changer for that person. It could be the ONLY appreciation that person has ever received.

When I thought I was slacking a little in my writing, out of the blue a friend would call me and tell me how much they enjoyed reading my stories. When I hear this feedback, often I get a sudden jolt, like a wave of electricity passing over me, it energizes me, peps me up & I am once again ready to dare to write again.

I guess we all can do a selfless favour to all around us, and make at least few people smile. What else could be more rewarding than being able to have the power to jumpstart, energize and spice up another soul? 🙂


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