Debut with my Guitar.

Since childhood, I had a strong affinity towards music. I wanted to learn to play the guitar from quite young. I had the yearning for it, but somehow I dint get around to actually materializing it.

Eventually in 2010 – out of the blue, I just looked up the internet for Guitar classes, around where I stayed and I found Mr. John Daniel – I dint know that it was a turning point in my life from that moment on. We had a chat and I decided to attend the first beginners class on a saturday. I actually felt hopeful about learning how to play the guitar.

My teacher reassured me, by making 6 year olds play “Take me home” & said by the end of this module – you would be able to play as good as them, if not better 🙂 I couldn’t get around the fact that in fact I would learn to play eventually.

I enjoyed my classes, had painful fingers, Yet I was eager to learn to play ‘Losing My Religion’ by REM. We spent several hours practicing chords and trying to get the scales right. All the hard work and the patience did pay off.  The practice classes where we spent hours playing chords, soon proved to be the strongest foundation for a smooth transition from one chord to the next.

I thank my music teacher John Daniel immensely for being so patient with us all and for making my dream come true. For I am able to play a couple of songs and I keep practicing them.

I have to rejoin the classes and learn a lot more! Right now I am High on “I see Fire!”


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