I admit to being a Sapiosexual. To me there is nothing more exciting than an intellectual, meaningful introspective conversation. I relish the topics of conversations I have with quite a few people in my Inner circle & I love every moment of it.

Sapiosexual is a person who is strongly attracted to the intelligence in others.

I have had the luxury to indulge in this form of pure soulful bliss from quite early in my childhood. My father always provoked a thought process during our talks everyday. He pushed me further to think, to reason, to find out the reason behind prominent events and to justify facts, so that it remains ingrained in my mind. When I asked him about something, he would make sure to lead me to the answer, but would not point out precisely where the answer to my question was. I was encouraged to have a dialogue from early in my childhood. It’s by far the best, priceless heirloom my dad has passed on to me.

I am glad to have been conditioned this way. For, I now attract only quality people in my life and I am immensely happy about this fact.


I have a splendid time, discussing about matters of psychology, matters of the state, current affairs, the economy of a country, spirituality, travel, living and many other equally soul awakening topics.

I am glad to have met quite a few people during my travels, with whom I have indulged in intense dialogues loaded with intellect. I am glad to have had the chance to be a confidante to a friend of mine, we constantly write to each other about various topics. We usually discuss things that take up so much of our emotional space.

I have another lovely gym workout buddy whom I said Hello to impulsively, and today we are great friends. The conversations we have are intellectual, profound, soulful, vivid, vibrant and thought-provoking.

I have a very close family member with whom I can bear my soul and in turn gain her perspective on the matter. She also provides a lot of insight to a particular situation and guides me through my storms, and makes sure to give feedback in the most constructive way with an intention to help me wade through the next storm.

I am delighted to have several quality people around me, for they magnify the grandeur of my mere existence. I am easily bored in crowds, instead i would rather prefer to have soulful conversation for hours together.

We are all blessed to have fellow Sapiosexuals around us, let’s try and check out this aspect of life – who knows it could be the ultimate soul pleasing equation we might end up having with humanity.

You fall in love with people’s minds.


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