Casela Nature Reserve, AFRICA

I grew up looking at Lion King and watching amazing jaw-dropping documentaries on National Geographic. I always fancied seeing the wildlife in Continental Africa. When I visited Mauritius, little did I know that I would be getting a small trailer of what the real wildlife in the African plain would look like! By far Mauritius is one of my favorite countries so far, I absolutely loved the country for its nature, exhubarent wildlife, the vast sugarcane farms, endless expanse of landscape, seamless merging of the dense forests with the Ocean at horizon & the union of the sky with the Ocean at the far distance.

Now I had a wonderful opportunity to appreciate this country even more when I visited Casela. Its a nature park reserve and its gorgeous. The buildings within the park are built with Volcanic Rocks – they look absolutely stunning. The lush green vegetation inside hardly lets the relentless sunlight to seep through, the birds happy in the ponds, and the animals in perfect harmony and they all seem to be at peace.

I loved the landscapes at the Casela Nature Reserve. We tool the safari and we were taken into the wild! I absolutely loved the idea of keeping the humans in a cage and letting the animals free, for we were infact visitors to their homeland šŸ™‚

We offered bread to the Ostrichs and several Zebras came by to enquire as to who the new set of visitors were. The children and grown ups were thrilled alike when an ostrich made a surprise apprearenceĀ at the window and snatched the bread off a persons hand.

The lions are in a seperate enclosure and you can walk with the African Lions but at your own risk.

Apart from the fact that there are animals there, its a beautiful park with an endless expanse of lush green lawns, as the terrain is elevated the ocean breeze that blows is calm, cool and refreshing.

I absolutely loved my visit to the Casela – if you are in Mauritius you should definitely visit this place & I am pretty sure you will love it too!


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2 thoughts on “Casela Nature Reserve, AFRICA”

  1. What a coincidence! I was thinking to visit Mauritius in October. Well, I haven’t made the decision yet, still torn with several places to visit. Thanks for the review, it sounds Casela Nature Reserve is a lovely place to visit!

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    1. Hey, Mauritus is a great destination. You must visit Casela, my personal best was Chamarel & I loved Vacoas. You will love Curepipe and the waterfront at Mahebourgh is breathtaking with the Lion mountain in the background.


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