The power of Positive Affirmations

We often wonder if this whole thing about positive affirmations would ever work, and often doubt its magical power in lifting us up, healing us or making us stronger from within. It’s really surprising how much impact a single sentence could have on our minds.

A wonderfully crafted line loaded with hope and positivity could provide immense strength and release the reserve massive strength from a hidden reservoir. When I often feel like I want to give up, automatically a positive note I read surfaces. At a circuit training it was time for squats, after 40 counts I was so tempted to give up when all of a sudden this cropped up “What you are about to achieve, is nothing compared to what you have done so far”, and I had strength I never knew I had in me to go ahead and complete the set.

In the recent past I attended an interview and I was overwhelmed to see the décor of the organization. The interiors we nice and the logistics were good but what really captured my attention was the aesthetically pleasing positive affirmations, that adorned the office space, beautifully framed and strategically placed. My interviewer’s cabin had this one from Bruce Lee, I liked it as it emanated a certain amount of assurance and the power to pull you up and an invisible force to never give up.


I was reading an empowering note – ‘Our thoughts are important investments that pay immediate dividends’. This line left a lasting impact on me. It also emphasizes on the Law of attraction and says that what you feel, you attract. Its important to be positive, as our subconscious will focus on what we feel.

Your vibe attracts your Tribe! 🙂

I am currently going through a list of 6 positive affirmations to start off with, and the results I can see are tremendous, I am not only filled with assurance but I am constantly positive as well. I have a strong belief that the affirmations that I am making consciously, is helping me in breaking few preconceived notions. The mental conditioning we received at home or early childhood were often reflections of our parents, teachers or elders around us. As we grow up if few of these suggestions embedded in concrete is not helping us grow & prosper, if it is causing more harm than good – then it’s time to reboot the entire system.

It’s never too late, as this is the first day of the rest of our lives. I just read that ‘Awareness is better than knowledge” – I couldn’t completely comprehend with this when I first read it, but I do know now that it is important to be aware of areas to be worked upon and fix it.

You are the captain of your life. If there is denial on a vital aspects, then the boat might not gain the optimum potential to sail, or worse even stay afloat.

Let’s seek, and look around us for affirmations that focus on the end result instead of the process. Instead of saying ‘I am going to be Happy’ transform it into “I AM HAPPY” 🙂


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