Auburn glow

Whoever said unused window panes were a waste? As simple as this artwork looks, it emanates warmth and looks lively. I was so inspired by this, that I tried to emulate a version of this when I got back home.

While I was travelling in Sri Lanka during Christmas, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the country, and by the extravagant decor all around the city of Colombo. I had been to ‘The Galle Face hotel’ to relax and see the sunset from the boulevard, I couldn’t help but notice the lovely decor that adorned the property.

There was something authentic about theses window panes, that adorned the walls of one of the corridors that lead to the beach.

The flowers adorning the corners are elegant and of exquisite taste, the candles were giving off warmth and glow that felt soulful. I hope the picture does some justice to what I experienced.

They were designed to be just window panes, were probably rejected, and now they have be reformed into artistic pieces of art and serve a different purpose – attracting attention, inspiring artists & radiating warmth.

#art #love #fire #warmth



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