Picturesque Lion Mountain @Mahébourg

Mauritius, an exquisite island off the south western cost of continental Africa is a delight to every explorer. Every place forms a natural gorgeous backdrop, takes you to a transcended state of mind. One of my favorites in Mauritius is the famous Mahébourg waterfront.

It was a pleasant winter evening and the temperature was just right with a cool ocean breeze. The place took me by storm – I had read about it, but to visit it for real was something else. It was blissful, soothing and there was an air of tranquility. The boulevard is beautifully paved in brick red patterns, aesthetically designed around the shore of the ocean.

This part of the Mahébourg waterfront has still-waters, and various shades of blue are splashed as far as the eye can see. The most captivating sight is the gorgeous view of the famous Lion Mountain. The lush green mountain forms a backdrop against the deep blue ocean. This is a place for that perfect picture you would like to take and cherish it for all days to come.

A visit to Mahébourg waterfront is a must on your visit to Mauritius. I would say – head there as soon as you land and drop off your bags at your hotel 🙂


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