Authentic Beauty ( 佳人 – a beautiful person)

There is a certain aura of radiating beauty around a person who is at peace, in sync with the inner self, and has a good heart with a clear conscience. There is an assuring, impressive level of confidence that comes along with being calm, composed and collected.

This quote in particular is one of my favourites, as I like people who are beautiful on the inside. When a person is kind, affectionate, and respectful to another, the kindness and affectionate streak of that person is the most seductive trait.

Whoever said that make-up does the trick? Well, it’s quite important to be aesthetically pleasing and presentable – it makes you feel beautiful and assured. Dressing well does have a psychological impact, will love yourself more and conduct yourself in an upbeat way, as compared to when you are under dressed.

My mother always keeps reminding me, that real beauty comes from within. Her viewpoint is eat veggies to get a natural and more authentic glow. And also be kind, loving, empathetic, well read and knowledgeable to emanate an essence of humanity and an undeniable sense of confidence.

To me the beauty emanated by a person who is empathetic and has a quite sense of assurance and the divine beauty that can be sensed. The aura and energy radiated is empowering and it feels great to be around a person who feels beautiful from within.

Beauty is indeed, skin deep.

External attractiveness has no relation to the goodness or essential quality. A persons character and values are far more attractive than the superficial aesthetics that float aimlessly on the shallow realm.


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