A callous hunt

I had heard a story of a smart fish, trying to avoid the deathly gallows of a sharks jaw. Little did I know how beautiful this would be to watch – not the shark eating the fish, but the fish trying to escape and scoot for their lives. When I visited the Maldives, i went there with no expectation because the pictures i saw on the internet looked surreal. I couldn’t imagine if the place I would end up in would look like the pictures on the internet. I dint want to dampen my spirits, so i kept a low expectation all along. When I reached the resort I was definitely bowled over and the smaller details that no one really talks about were in fact the most significant in my experience. I indulged in these small little wonders that brought such a great joy to me. Just to watch.

One among them was the casual yet gorgeous interaction of a school of fish with the reef shark.
All over the island – when you walk by the share you can see a formation and they are really a group of fish drifting and exploring the tropical waters. The formations keep changing and these are a prime hunting spots for the Black tipped reef sharks.
It is really wonderful how beautifully these fish try and escape the attacks from the reef shark. The moves are strategic, and clever. They try to move away from the shark and when the entire group maintains a distance of a few inches away from the shark, it looks like there is a halo around the shark – its gorgeous.

I would sit on the plank most of the time to watch this interaction. It filled me with calm, poise and provided entertainment. One afternoon while i was watching, a small reef shark found it quite hard to hunt, he called his 2 other partners in crime, the 3 reef sharks attacked from different sides and they triumphantly swam away with a bounty in their mouth. It was cleverly planned and I was quite surprised by the strategy on how the payoff was achieved.

If you go to the Maldives, its not just the sun or the sand or the luxury, its these small little experiences that renders you speechless and turns you into a narrator.


Infinity and Beyond!

I had seen infinity pools only in movies and pictures up until I visited the Maldives. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the infinity pools at one of the worlds best locations ever! What a way to start – in fact it was a fabulous opening to an endless experience of infinity swimming.

The view is picturesque, a postcard panoramic view, of immaculate Beauty. Every single expanse of the beach is an epitome of pristine beauty. I dint expect to see this view, because my imagination or assumption of how the infinity pool would look completely failed me 🙂

I reached in time for the sunset, the fragrance from the lounge nearby was infused in the atmosphere around the pool. Now every time I smell the sweet fragrance of Grapefruit, it reminds me of the view I saw that day.

Studies suggest that the Olfaction – sence of smell, located in the Hippocampus of the brain has strong ties to the area where memory is stored. Odor information is stored in the long-term memory and has strong connections to emotional memory. It’s the same when I smell a particular perfume as well 🙂

The water was warm, calm, soothing and I had the whole pool to myself that day. I saw the sunset, immersed in the warm equatorial waters, the deep blue sky, and the coconut palms reflecting in the pool. I was swimming and admiring the view, I witnessed the transition of the deep blue sky inching towards twilight, the sky a deep orange-red and the big fire-ball was ready for the days spectacular show!

The reminiscence of the Infinity Pool could only improve over time. This pool strategically placed here makes every soul entering the waters smile, takes their imagination to Infinity & Beyond.