Dont miss out on life!

I’d rather look at my life and say – “I cant believe I did that!” instead of “If only I had”

As the years pass by, we usually have a fleeting thought if we did our best in the things we’ve accomplished so far, could it have been better? And often deep down in our hearts we are content with the choices we’ve made.

If we have regrets and dint act on them it’s because we dint feel very ‘Strongly’ about it. Otherwise we most definitely would have pursued the idea. Eg: Higher studies/ Career/ Travel etc.

After working for over 10 years, I decided to take a very bold step. I decided to dedicate a little time for ME! I quit my job and went Solo Backpacking across the Oriental Mainland China. This break not only gave me a great travel experience but it also helped me to effortlessly reflect on my life and helped me in deep introspection.

A dear friend of mine who just got back from her first trip to the US told me – “Nam as you climb up the ladder, Don’t miss out on life.” This one sentence was simple yet profound – it took me a while to reflect upon it & i now abide by this simple mantra every single day.

Way back in 2007 i had a choice to go to the Himalayas for my second national trek, or accumulate my leave balance at work and encash it when i left the organisation. I chose the Sar Pass Trek & it was the best decision i made – because the memories and the experience it gave me was priceless. I was there 14,000 ft above sea level with a bunch of like minded hikers and no amount of money could have ever substituted that for anything else in the world!

Every single day let’s try to focus our thoughts into making our life the way we want it to be, with blissful thoughts of improving ourselves and our life. For every thought you think is creating your FUTURE. Choose them wisely.