Good Samaritan – Be one!

Raise you vibrations to attract the good, and only the best will be filtered your way.

When travelling, one has to be vigilant at all times. You got to keep your bags in check, your documents and the currency you are carrying. Not to forget, the constant improvisation on the ever effervescent contingency plan.

Before I set off for my first Solo Trip, I was a nervous wreck, I was freaking out. For the first time in my life I experienced ‘Cold Feet’. I now understand what the Brides, Grooms, Parents-to-be or anyone else feel when they have a panic attack. I couldn’t relax, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t eat, I had constant headaches days before my travel.

That’s when my friend KK came to my rescue, he said “Nam, don’t worry! You will be fine, you have traveled before and its gonna be a walk in the park for you. Just relax, breathe and GO!” Honestly I dint believe a word of what he said, for I was thinking of almost cancelling my ticket! Yes! I panicked probably because I was travelling to a non-English speaking country for the first time ever. KK said “Just be positive, and only the good ones will come your way. Be good and you will attract only good people. But stay vigilant and be street smart”.

I finally relaxed and took it one step at a time, I remembered to count my blessings and keep looking for the good. And many Good Samaritans came my way! From my first pit stop at a transit in KL, I had encounters with amazing good hearts. Yes good people have good souls, you can sense it, it feels good – very good to be around them. I met a person from Switzerland who was in KL to see the Petronas – we soon became friends as she was also a solo traveler, we shopped and had lunch together. We had a fantastic time.

When I reached my destination I had several encounters with Good Samaritans. This travel taught me many things, one of them was that there are angels all around. Look for good and you will find it. Help comes in various unexpected ways.

One morning after breakfast i saw that a couple left the restaurant but they dropped their Subway card on their way out. I knew this was a lifeline, I handed it to them and they were grateful for the gesture and asked me what my plans were for the day and instantly tore off a bunch of sheets from their immaculately filed travel file and gave it to me. To this day I don’t know how I would have managed that day ‘without’ that info. It was so detailed and it was ‘absolutely necessary’ and the universe just filled the jigsaw puzzle for me. I was overwhelmed.

Help comes in various forms, every single day we need to remind ourselves that, ‘The Best is YET to come’.

Golden Mantra: Do unto others what you would have them do unto you!


Downtown / Uptown Conundrum

Downtown is referred to a city center, a central business district, often in a commercial sense. A geographical location where the heart of the city usually is. Downtown is widely used by American and Canadian English speakers.

The term Downtown is thought to have been coined in New York city in the early 1830’s. Back then, the only possible area of the city’s expansion was up north,the yet to develop region towards the north was called as uptown & the original town, developed, commercial heart of New York  at the southern tip of Manhattan in the south was famously known as Downtown.

A friend of mine visiting Charlotte in North Carolina told me she went to the city center – Uptown & I said “Wait a minute, isn’t it Downtown for a city center?” And then she patiently explained to me how Charlotte’s heart of the city was famously termed as Uptown.

While at Charlotte “Uptown” & “Downtown” do not refer to different areas, it refers to the city center, the commercial heart of Charlotte. During the 1980’s a massive campaign was launched to revamp and bring about a positive upbeat image and hence the term Uptown came into use. My friend who just got back from Charlotte told me that it’s also because the terrain to the city’s center is inclined, and Uptown denotes the heart of Charlotte.

These small tidbits do make a nice topic of conversation, if not for my friend I would have incorrectly assumed that all the city centers across the United States were Downtowns. Now I know what to tell the cabbie when I visit Charlotte in North Carolina 😉

Personal Note of thanks to ‘Moi Eti Jajabor​’ for the insight to this beautiful city in North Carolina, for the new dimension of thought process, for imparting this valuable yet profound tidbit about the famous Uptown!