Chocolate Delight @Harrods

I enjoyed having the famous Hot Chocolate at the Harrods Cafe. The croissant is to die for. I have had chocolate drinks at innumerable places but this was by far the most authentic, rich in chocolate yet moderate with sweetness and had the right consistency.

If ever you have a chance to be at the KL airport or have a transit in Malaysia – this is a definitely the place to chill out at. The staff here are very pleasant and i loved the way they had kept small little stripes with the wi-fi password for guests to connect to the virtual world.

I spent my time looking at other travellers who had a pit stop at this cafe, kids running around the play area, women contemplating on which clutch to zero down on, men checking out shirts and small little souvenirs for loved ones, businessmen busy with some very serious work – the look and concentration said it all.

While I was busy savouring the warm rich luxurious Hot Chocolate, I realised that after a long flight the best way to beat the strain was to relax at a place as cool as Harrods Cafe.

I impulsively took this picture and now after all these months i realize that it was a Chocolate Drink to remember!


Cinnamon Rolls 

I was invited to a house party on August 18th, 2011 on the event of my friends Birthday. I was pretty excited about the venue, the backyard at my friends place was very pleasant with a hand crafted picnic table, well manicured garden with an antique Lambretta adorning the lawn. 

Little did I know that my fiends dad was the master chef for the day! I had heard that he baked bread but I dint know he also baked some mouth watering delicacies. All my doubts or questions were put to rest when I saw that the ham pizza was baked in the kitchen!  

I could not resist but enquire about the faint but persistant aroma of cinnamon, it was quite fragrant. Before I could ask about what was in the magical oven, a fresh batch of Cinnamon Rolls were exhibited and we all grabbed one each. 

Apparently my friends dad has a very keen interest in baking and eventually wanted to bake professionally. He learnt most of the art of baking in Germany and had years of practice in this area. He was super excited to fly from the other end of the world to celebrate the birthday of his son. 

The rolls were hot, just out of the oven, the bread crisp and well done. The aroma of the cinnamon infused in the dough, and the castor sugar sprinkled on top was just the right amount giving the entree a glazed appearance. Well, honestly I dint pick just one! 😉

It was a birthday to remember, this picture makes me nostalgic,  like it happened yesterday. I hope to savor these beautifully rolled cinnamon buns in the near future. It was perfect to nibble on the Cinnamon rolls, with a glass of white wine. 

Salude! 😍

Samurai Fiesta!

The most nostalgic experience I had with Japanese food was at the Suzuki Kitchen at a hutong in Andingmen. One of the most quixotic moments with delicacies was at this gourmet resturaunt in Beijing.

I was very fortunate to have my first Dinner in the Orient, at this authentic place. For this honor I am ever greatful to my friends Mauricio & Fen Peng. They chose this eatery and it was a very fine choice. I was overwhelmed with suprise and astonishment when i saw a waiting line as early as 7:00pm!  Luckily we found a table within 20 minutes. 

We ordered starters and salad. The salad was an art in itself. The vegetables were fresh, crunchy and succulent. I decided to go for a steak with mashed potatoes. 

Classic, healthy, Artistic – A japanese salad.

I was still learning to use the chopsticks and i managed to finish my meal with no major drama.😉 The steak was delicious, flavors infused in the meat, it was the most tender i’ve eaten so far. Apparently the texture of the meat helps to easily savour the steak with chopsticks. 

I have been raving about this place to every one! Suzuki Kitchen in Andingmen is THE place to visit while lazing around on a soulful evening while at Beijing.

The flavour & aroma of the gourmet  meal is cherished, the sheer pleasure of savoring this finese, takes center stage admist all the nostalgic memories I have encountered this far. 

I am definitely going back again to relish Suzuki Kitchens romance with food! 

Bell Tower @ Xi’An 西安市

The city of Xi’An in the northern province of Shaanxi is a city full of visual delights. I have to agree with a friend of mine, that until you visit a place you can’t tell what the place is really like. For, you could read endless articles, but only when you set foot in that city can you tell, if the place has a soul.

One  of the most gorgeous sights as soon as you land in Xi’An is the magnificent view of the Bell Tower. It’s so exquisite and wonderful to a traveller, who has set foot in Xi’An for the very first time. It’s bound to take your breath away. This is a sight so very pleasing to the soul that it’s comforting on various levels. Just the scene of the lit up Bell Tower and the view of the Drum Tower to the far west makes the trip worthwhile.

Xi’An definitely is a city filled with surprises. People are helpful and it’s a place of tranquility and calm. The weather in November was beautiful, the breakfast is the famous Dumpling with a nutritious drink made of a bean. The energy in the city is warm, laid back and I instantly connected to it. The welcoming atmosphere instantly puts your apprehension at ease.

The Bell Tower a structure of Brick & Timber – 40 meters high was apparently built for a purpose.

A famous legend about the Bell Tower:

A dragon found in the river running through the center of Xi’An would cause massive earthquakes and kill hoards of people. An official from the Xi’An administration ordered the blacksmiths to make iron chains thousands of feet long and restored the Bell Tower. The laborers toiled day and night in an attempt to suppress the dragon & to seal it from causing further harm. Since the Bell tower was established earthquake never occurred in Xi’An again!

This was one of the most fascinating tidbit about the rich Chinese culture. The Bell Tower, in the ancient times, served the purpose of signifying the time of day. But in today’s world, it’s a prominent landmark, the Muslim Quarters and the ever famous food street starts from the west wall of the tower.

It’s looks beautiful in all its Grandeur, being lit up so immaculately with colors so vivid and full of life.  It’s a tower with a purpose, beauty, class & radiates an aura of possessing a rich cultural heritage. 

Biang Biang Mian!

Biang Biang Mian – from the exotic Shaanxi Province of Mainland China is considered a speciality noodle dish, which is scrumptious and makes you come back for more!

Biang Biang Mian is an enigma in itself, famously known as the Belt Noodle – considering its length and thickness.

photo (1)

Biang Biang Mian is served in a bowl tossed in aromatic sauces, topped with lots of hot peppers to beat the cold Xi’an chills, a generous sprinkle of grated garlic, lots of freshly cut cilantro topped with marinated and barbeque meat of your choice. This is an absolute delicacy, the aroma is rich and the dish only beats the expectations one might have after just looking at it.

It was introduced to me during my backpacking trip to the Famous city of Xi’An by a dear friend Nimrod.  The first comment was about the Mandarin Symbol for this scrumptious dish – it consists of 58 strokes – quite complex even for a seasoned Mandarin writer.


This is the Mandarin symbol for Biang Biang Mian – its pretty complex with 58 strokes!

The noodle is handmade and makes one wonder about the precision of every other inch of this noodle that transformed itself to perfection from an innocent lump of dough.

Xi’an is a beautiful city, famous for the terracotta warriors, apart from this archeological site the city has lots more to offer! The weather was beautiful and the best place to taste Biang Biang Mian is at the food street, east of the Bell Tower wall.

I hope the food lovers do get a chance to taste this dish and its worth every penny!