Quirky Silk Route

It was a pleasant journey along the silk route on the treacherous terrain of Sikkim. It was a journey to be cherished 🙂 Sikkim is a gorgeous heavenly place for any nature lover. We went to Sikkim from Darjeeling in a car & by far it was the most cherished drives of my life so far.

It’s a uphill climb all the way as you are gaining altitude, the nature all around is picturesque with gentle calm refreshing breeze blowing and it rejuvenates you from within. The best part is not just the tricky terrain with sharp and unexpected turns, but its the smart-ass signs all along the route 🙂

This road was built by the BRO – Border Road Organisation & they are notoriously famous for the liberty they take in writing some quick-witted one liners all along the way. The treat to the eyes begin with the natural landscape and the view of the 2 river Teesta & Rangeeth meeting, you can view this from high up the mountains. BRO never fails to keep travellers amused along the way, considering the dangerous terrain and they help the civilians by cautioning on road safety.

Even after all these years i still remember few quotes painted all along the highway, few of them are:

  • This is a roadway, not a Runway.
  • Ply, do not Fly.
  • Be soft on my curves 🙂
  • Drinking Whiskey, Driving is risky.
  • Reach home in Peace, not in Pieces.
  • Its not a rally, enjoy the valley.
  • Life is short Don’t make it shorter!

These quick-witted notes all along the way do perk up your life & you cant wait to set foot in Sikkim.


Tsongmo Lake

While in India, if ever one needs to witness a gorgeous untouched marvel of nature, the place is Sikkim. From the moment you enter Sikkim you will see its a place so different from others. The army administrative folks are organised, your ID and travel documents thoroughly checked, shoes you walk on & the tires of the vehicle are disinfected.

This is a serene place, climate cool and pleasant, I say that because I love it when it’s slightly cold and not too hot. I love places that have a strong Buddhist influence too. People went about their daily routine with a smile, the atmosphere relaxed and calm. The whole area has an aura of positivity.

Tsongmo Lake is one of the delights Sikkim has to offer. Its en route the Natula Pass, the famous Silk Route connecting India to China. The Chinese border is just 5kms away! The terrain to scale the Nathula Pass is an adventure, famously built by the BRO – Border Road Organisation & they are mighty proud of it. The army has a camp at the Nathula and their base camp is at the Lake Tsongmo.

The lake is immaculate, pristine and untouched. I love the fact that it is so damn clean and pure. It is a very famous glacial lake and the view is breathtaking. We were staring at the lake and its beauty despite the biting cold for over an hour. As you wait, there are Yaks you could take rides on, and lovely dumplings to savor just off the streamer.

Sikkim is a beautiful state and its capital Gangtok is very well planned. I loved the main shopping area, MG Road where the traffic is cut off, to enable people to walk about and there are benches installed in the middle of the road, with gorgeous flowers from hanging pots and Gangtok has beautiful parks.

Its a place one has to visit to witness this beauty & to relax your mind.